End of September Power-Rankings

CCHL2 Power-Rankings for September | By: Mason Detre

The first month of the CCHL Tier 2 season has seen a lot of exciting games and a lot of talented young players showcase their skill. This CCHL2 season might be the closest we have witnessed in a long time.

  1. Ottawa Canadians (7-0-0) | Results: 5-1W at WHT, 4-1W vs BRO, 10-3W vs REN, 9-2W at ARN, 5-4W at CPB, 4-0W vs WIN, 2-1W vs CAS | Give credit to the coaching staff on making this team the way it is. They are stacked from front to back. Expect this team to be a top contender throughout the season. They are the only team to not lose in regulation or extra time.


  1. Casselman Vikings (4-2-0) | Results: 5-0W at PER, 10-6W vs CPB, 9-4W vs RCH, 5-4L at WPR, 2-1L vs OJC, 3-0W at WIN | You can call them a dynasty after winning their fifth straight championship last year and sixth in franchise history. This year they created another good contending team. They will have to rely on Joel Hunt and Shane Spencer throughout the year. Samuel Mattie has been a big surprise to start the season.


  1. Arnprior Packers (4-1-1) | Results: 3-2W at EMB, 7-5W vs RCH, 9-2L vs OJC, 2-1OTL at WHT, 6-3W at REN, 7-0W at ATH | The Packers are 2-0-1 during their recent five-game road trip. Arnprior’s Rookies Nicholson, Chaput, and Bones have been key factors early in the season. Ty Power and Nick Vala both have five goals in four games.


  1. Westport Rideaus (3-1-0) | Results: 4-1L at RCH, 5-1W vs EMB, 5-4W vs CAS, 6-2W at ATH | The first two weeks of the season were terrific after the loss to Richmond. They were able to beat Casselman early on. Blake Kettyle leads the way with 5G, 5A, 10PTS to start the year. This week is a different story with two postponed games against Brockville and Winchester. Thoughts and prayers are with them. #JustPray.


  1. Perth Blue Wings (3-1-0) | Results: 5-0L vs CAS, 2-1W at WIN, 5-3W vs WHT, 5-2W at CHR | They have a lot of depth forwards and a great defensive core. The Blue Wings have won three straight games by two goals or more. Jacob Steege has 3 goals in four games. Mack Miller with five points.


  1. Ottawa West Golden Knights (2-0-1) | Results: 5-4W at REN, 5-1W vs ATH, 5-4SOL vs ALX | New group, new squad and most importantly 15 rookies. Nolan Marshall and Noah Haymes were key acquisitions by Steve Sundin. Marshall has five points in his first three games and Haymes has a goal. Rookie forward, Marco Haw has three goals to start the year.


  1. Char-Lan Rebels (3-1-2) | Results: 3-2SOL at ATH, 3-2OTL vs REN, 6-2W at EMB, 3-1W vs WIN, 5-4W at ALX, 5-2L vs PER | The Rebels have not lost in regulation, which means they have recorded a point in every single game. Sabourin and Markell have combined for 18 PTS to start the season. Grant Craig and Dawson Irving are the returning goalies and have stood on their heads.


  1. Carleton Place Jr. Canadians (3-4) | Results: 2-1L vs WIN, 10-6L at CAS< 4-2W at ALX, 5-4L vs OJC, 5-2W at BRO, 3-2SOW at WHT, 6-4L at ATH | The Canadians had a tough start at the showcase but were able to win three games on the road. After losing Mosley and Bolton to the CCHL Tier 1, Lister, Browne and Code have been the key players.


  1. Renfrew Timberwolves (3-4) | Results: 5-4L vs OW, 3-2OTW at CHR, 10-3L at OJC, 3-2SOW vs ATH, 7-4W at RCH, 6-3L vs ARN, 4-2L at EMB | Timberwolves are off to a decent start but have given up 33 goals. Goaltending has been an issue early, but the forwards Andrew McIntyre and Luka Marinic have had luck finding the back of the net. They both are a combined for 27 points to start the year.


  1. Alexandria Glens (2-3) | Results: 5-0L vs BRO, 9-2W vs WHT, 5-4SOW at OW, 4-2L vs CPB, 5-4L vs CHR| After a couple of key wins against Whitewater and Ottawa West, the Glens haven’t been able to keep a lead in their last two games. Gibeault and Thompson have lead the way for the Glens. Rousseau and Nadeau are two talented goalies that should get them into the playoffs.


  1. Whitewater Kings (2-3-1) | Results: 5-1L at OJC, 9-2L vs ALX, 2-1OTW vs ARN, 4-3OTW vs EMB, 5-3L at PER, 3-2SOL vs CPB | This team is very young. Most of their players are of 2000/2001 born. After losing two straight to start the year, they picked up two OT Wins last week. This week – only one point after two tough games.


  1. Athens Aeros (3-3-1) | Results: 3-2SOW vs CHR, 5-1L at OW, 3-2SOL at REN, 6-2L vs WPR, 4-2W at EMB, 7-0L vs ARN, 6-4W vs CPB| The Aeros are off to a tough start to the season but have some great goaltending in Hanspiker and Rukavina. They were able to win a tough game against Carleton Place coming back down 4-1 to end the week.


  1. Brockville Tikis (1-2) | Results: 5-0W vs ALX, 4-1L at OJC, 5-2L vs CPB | Lots of new faces for the Tikis after only winning six games last year. Theo Heropoulous got his first shutout in his first Tier 2 start. Logan Gallagher has 1G, 2A while Alex Moore has two goals to start the season. It’s very possible that the Tikis can have a bounce back year.


  1. Richmond Royals (1-3) | Results: 4-1W vs WPR, 7-5L at ARN, 9-4L at CAS, 7-4L vs REN| After their first win, they have allowed seven or more goals in three straight contests. Ryan Bonfield (3G, 3A) and Corey Symington (4G, 1A) have been key players for the Royals to start the year.


  1. Embrun Panthers (1-4-1) | Results: 3-2L vs ARN, 5-1L at WPR, 6-2L vs CHR, 4-3OTL vs WHT, 4-2L vs ATH, 4-2W vs REN| At times, the Panthers have dominated. They have out-shot their opponents in five of the six games but just one win. Drost has five goals in six games while Nevins has tallied 1G, 3A.


  1. Winchester Hawks (1-4) | Results: 2-1W at CPB, 2-1L vs PER, 3-1L at CHR, 4-0L vs OJC, 3-0L vs CAS | The Hawks have only scored four goals this season. They have now been shut-out in the last two games. A positive is that Brent Pledge-Dickson stopped 52 of 55 shots in their last game.