Final Power Rankings

Graphic / Photo: Dante De Caria


CCHL2 Power Rankings Week 23 | By: Mason Detre

1. Ottawa Canadians (39-4-1) | Last week: 1 | Results: 7-1W vs WHT | There season ended very early on Tuesday. They’ve now almost have a week off before the playoffs. Freel (1 G / 3 A), de kemp (2 G / 1 A) and Seguin (1 G / 4 A) each lead the way with great performances in a win against Whitewater. Their opponent will be either Alexandria or CHar-Lan in the Barkley Cup Quarter-Finals.


2. Casselman Vikings (30-9-3) | Last week: 2 | Results: 6-2W vs EMB, 5-2W at CPB, 5-0L vs PER | The Vikings picked up two against Embrun and Carleton Place. On Sunday, Casselman decided to rest their roster goaltenders and lots of veteran players to get ready for the playoffs. It’s the first time since November 24th 2016 that they’ve been shutout by an opponent. They will take on the Ottawa West Golden Knights with Game 1 in Casselman.


3.  Ottawa West Golden Knights (29-13-2) | Last week: 3 | Results: 6-4W vs CHR, 6-5W at RCH | It was an okay week for the Golden Knights. Not their best hockey but two wins is a positive side. They had to comeback from three deficits against Richmond on the final day of the season. Haw, Jamer, Gallivan and Marshall each had one goal and one assist this week. Golden Knights take on Casselman in the Quarter-Finals.


4.  Westport Rideaus (27-12-5) | Last week: 4 | Results: 5-1W at BRO, 8-3W vs ATH, 6-1W vs WIN | The Rideaus are a very strong offensive team. In three games, Westport went 5-for-7 on the power play and only allowed one power play goal against Athens this week. Blake Kettyle ends his season with a 16 game point streak (15 G / 17 A). This week he had four goals and four assist. Ty Nicholson also had three goals and four assists.


5.  Perth Blue Wings (27-12-5) | Last week: 5 | Results: 7-1W vs ATH, 6-3W vs RCH, 5-0W at CAS | The Blue Wings defense has been strong since the beginning of the season Ryan Bonfield had a goal in four consecutive games and has 8 G / 7 A in his last 10 games. Ty Power collects his second career hat trick in one game. They face Brockville in the Quarter-Finals.


6.  Carleton Place Jr. Canadians (25-16-3) | Last week: 6 | Results: 5-2L vs CAS, 4-1W vs REN | Carleton Place faced a tough team in Casselman but were playing short and played a potential preview of their playoff series against Renfrew. Goaltending has been a strong asset over the course of this season. Owen Bennett with 2.48 GAA and .909 SV %. Good chance he is the starting goalie for the playoffs. Brody Bernard had a 3.03 GAA and .905 SV%.


7.  Brockville Tikis (24-14-6) | Last week: 7 | Results: 5-1L vs WPR, 5-1L vs ATH, 7-6OTW vs WHT, 4-3W at WHT | The Tikis suffered two tough losses at the hands of Westport and Athens. Their second last game was suppose to be a home game in Brockville but had to be moved to Whitewater because the Brockville Memorial Centre wasn’t available. The Tikis went 2-2 and both of those wins came against Whitewater. Tyler McCullough had one goal and three assists in four games.


8.  Alexandria Glens (23-17-4) | Last week: 8 | Results: 6-5W at WIN | Mathieu Parent and Kodiak Whiteduck each tally their first career Hat Trick in their comeback win over Winchester. Nicholas Rousseau came back from a suspension and made 34 saves for the win. Brennan Nadeau was 3-2 in the absent of Rousseau. Odjick had four assists and Stacey with three assists against Winchester. The Glens will face Char-Lan in the wild card series with home ice advantage.


9.  Char-Lan Rebels (20-20-4) | Last week: 9 | Results: 6-4L at OW, 8-4W vs ATH | The Rebels rebound very well after a loss to Ottawa West on Thursday night. They scored eight goals against Athens in their final home game. Mathieu Sabourin collects his first four game and his second career hat trick finishing the week with four goals and three assists. Char-Lan goes on the road to face off against Alexandria.


10. Renfrew Timberwolves (21-20-2) | Last week: 10 | Results: 8-1W vs ARN, 4-1L at CPB | The Timberwolves had the last playoff spot clinched when they defeated Arnprior. They finish the season with 43 games because their game got cancelled vs Athens due to weather. Brad Richardson had a hat trick and CCHL2 MVP Andrew McIntyre (1 G / 4 A) had five points and added one more goal against Carleton Place on Saturday. They face Carleton Place in the wild card series.


11.  Arnprior Packers (18-21-5) | Last week: 11 | Results: 8-1L at REN, 7-4W vs WHT | The Packers are eliminated from playoff contention for the second consecutive year after making the playoffs in the first two years since CCHL2 came in. Ryan Rivard leads the way with 1 G / 4 A this week. Cherry and Duncan both had two goals in the last game of the year against Whitewater.


12. Whitewater Kings (14-23-7) | Last week: 12 | Results: 7-1L at OJC, 7-6SOL at BRO, 5-4OTW vs EMB, 4-3L vs BRO, 7-4L at ARN | The Kings played five games in six days which include playing four consecutive games. Tommy Cahill had a tremendous final five games of his hockey career. This week he had seven goals and five assists for 12 points. Brayden Dellaire was called up to two games and tallied 1 G / 4 A. There only win was in overtime against Embrun.


13. Winchester Hawks (15-24-5) | Last week: 13 | Results: 6-2W at RCH, 6-5L vs ALX, 6-1L at WPR | Issac Landry leads his team with two goals and three assists in his final three games this season. The Hawks only win came against Richmond and couldn’t hang on to a lead against Alexandria. Then a nice Father and son road trip to Westport to end the year. They miss the playoffs for the second consecutive year.


14. Athens Aeros (14-24-6) | Last week: 15 | Results: 7-1L at PER, 5-1W at BRO, 8-3L at WPR, 8-4L at CHR | The Aeros were suppose to play five games but on was cancelled against Renfrew due to weather. Owen Webster collects 4 G / 4 A and Andrew McKenney had 3 G / 3 A. The Aeros miss the playoffs for the first time since the 2005-06 season in the EOJHL.


15.  Embrun Panthers (13-24-7) | Last week: 14 | Results: 6-2L at CAS, 5-4OTL at WHT | The Panthers competed very hard in their last two games of the season but came up short. It’s clear that this team was on a rebuild. Marc Brosseau ends his season with a five game point streak with three goals this week.


16.  Richmond Royals (10-33-1) | Last Week: 16 | Results: 6-2L vs WIN, 6-3L at PER, 6-5L vs OW | The Royals tough season comes to an end and doesn’t make the playoffs for the second consecutive year. They end their year on a seven game losing streak heading into the off season. Ryan Bouley had a great performance against Ottawa West with 2 G / 1 A.