Week 11 Power-Rankings

Photo: Jason Code

CCHL2 Power Rankings – Week 11 | By: Mason Detre

  1. Ottawa Canadians (23-1-0) | Last week: 1 | Results: 3-2W vs PER, 13-1W at REN | The Canadians continue their strong play. After a hard-fought victory over Perth, they picked up a massive win against Renfrew, socring 13 goals.


  1. Casselman Vikings (19-5-0) | Last week: 2 | Results: 6-4W at BRO, 3-2W vs EMB, 4-1W vs RCH | These games were very close except for Sunday afternoon. They had to fight hard to win over Brockville and Embrun, then dominated Richmond on Sunday afternoon.


  1. Ottawa West Golden Knights (15-7-2) | Last week: 3 | Results: 6-1W vs ALX, 3-2OTL at PER | After allowing the first goal against Alexandria, they dominated – scoring six unanswered goals. They got a point against Perth.


  1. Perth Blue Wings (14-7-2) | Last week: 4 | Results: 3-2L at OJC, 3-2OTW vs OW, 3-0W at EMB | The Blue Wings became the second team to out-shoot OJC but ended up on the losing side. They played close contests against Ottawa West and Embrun. Despite their goal differential at 10, they have some of the best defense and goaltending in this league.


  1. Westport Rideaus (13-7-2) | Last week: 5 | Results: 2-1L at WIN | Rideaus remain at #5 this week despite losing to Winchester after dominating the Hawks in shots. They faced a hot goaltender on Saturday night.


  1. Carleton Place Jr. Canadians (13-10-1) | Last week: 8 | Results: 8-1W vs ARN | A big convincing win after losing to Arnprior a week ago. It broke their three-game losing streak. They hope to find ways to win next week with two games.


  1. Arnprior Packers (11-7-2) | Last week: 6 | Results: 8-1L at CPB | The Packers can’t find a way to win against top teams on the road. When they play at home, Arnprior does a good a job keeping it close. Coming up, they’ll have a two-game home stand starting on Friday night.


  1. Char-Lan Rebels (12-9-2) | Last week: 7 | Results: 5-3W vs RCH, 10-3L at WHT | A good win against Richmond on Saturday. It was shocking to see Char-Lan play short on Sunday – as it turned into a Whitewater 10-3 win.


  1. Brockville Tikis (9-8-3) | Last week: 9 | Results: 6-4L vs CAS, 8-1W at WIN | Tikis faced off against a tough Casselman Vikings which ended in a defeat. They have one of the most talented teams this year. Watch out for them as the playoff race heats up in he Richardson Division.


  1. Alexandria Glens (11-11-2) | Last week: 10 | Results: 6-1L at OW, 6-0W at EMB, EXH: 4-3SOL vs BER | Picking up penalty minutes after a brawl doesn’t help the Glens even when facing a top team like Ottawa West. They bounced back against Embrun despite playing short. The Glens also had the opportunity to face Berlin in exhibition play.


  1. Renfrew Timberwolves (9-12-1) | Last week: 11 | Results: 13-1L vs OJC | One of the toughest defeats of the season by far. They played a very good first period but allowed the Canadians to take over in the second and third period.


  1. Winchester Hawks (8-12-2) | Last week: 13 | Results: 8-1L vs BRO, 2-1W vs WPR | The Hawks suffered a big defeat against Brockville but defense and goaltending was the main factor in the win against Westport as they allowed 67 shots against the Rideaus. It sets a season high in most shots allowed in a game.


  1. Whitewater Kings (5-10-4) | Last week: 15 | Results: EXH: 5-2L vs BER, 10-3W vs CHR | Whitewater played one exhibition game against Berlin and a regular season game against the Rebels. It was packed house against Berlin and on Sunday the Kings scored 10 goals for the first time against a shorthanded Char-Lan team.


  1. Athens Aeros (5-9-5) | Last week: 14 | Results: None | The Aeros didn’t play this week. They will look to bounce back against Casselman and Whitewater this upcoming week.


  1. Embrun Panthers (6-14-5) | Last week: 12 | Results: 3-2L at CAS, 6-0L vs ALX, 3-0L vs PER | After scoring two goals against Casselman in the third period they allowed the lead. In the final two games this week, they couldn’t get anything up on the board. The Panthers allowed 10 unanswered goals in their last three contests.


  1. Richmond Royals (5-16) | Last Week: 16 | Results: 5-3L at CHR, 4-1L vs CAS | Played a close contest against the Rebels but couldn’t find themselves on the board against Casselman until the final minute in regulation.