Week 21 Power Rankings

Photo: Dante De Caria


CCHL2 Power Rankings Week 20 | By: Mason Detre

  1. Ottawa Canadians (37-3-1) | Last week: 1 | Results: 6-2W vs RCH, 4-2W at OW, 3-0W at PER | It was a busy week for them with three games. Not only did they defeat Richmond at home but, they beat Ottawa West and Perth. Justin Turner had two goals and four points while Ryan Whitehurst picked up his league leading 5th shutout, stopping 58 of 60 shots in two games.


  1. Ottawa West Golden Knights (26-12-2) | Last week: 2 | Results: 4-2L vs OJC, 6-1W at EMB, 4-2W at ATH | The Golden Knights collect two wins in three games last week. Their only loss came against the tough Ottawa Canadians. On Friday they limited Embrun to 18 shots and then on Sunday, the Golden Knights just came away with a win over Athens. They’ve now won six of their last seven games. Nolan Marshall (3 G / 3 A) was a point per game player this week with six points.


3.  Brockville Tikis (22-11-5) | Last week: 3 | Results: 5-4OTW at ATH | The only reason why the Tikis comeback down 3-0 is because they drew a five minute boarding penalty which led to three power-play goals for Brockville. Hunter Shipclark got the GWG while Glazer had 1 G / 1 A in that game along with Wuth (1 G / 2 A) who had three points. Their game against Westport has been rescheduled to February 18th because of weather conditions on Wednesday.


4.  Westport Rideaus (23-12-4) | Last week: 5 | Results: 4-3W at CHR, 10-3W at ARN, 2-1W at REN | The Rideaus were suppose to play four games this week but did not because their road contest against the Tikis was postponed. In the end, Westport swept the week – defeating Char-Lan, Renfrew and Arnprior. Blake Kettyle (3 G / 3 A) had another great week and McHugh had 1 G / 4 A.


5.  Casselman Vikings (27-8-3) | Last week: 4 | Results: 3-1L at CHR | Joel Hunt collects on the only goal in their loss against Char-Lan. The Vikings have lost three of their last four games. This they will take on the Ottawa West Golden knights in a Martin Division Quarter Finals Preview.


6.  Perth Blue Wings (21-12-4) | Last week: 6 | Results: 3-0L at OJC | The Blue Wings put up a very good fight against the Ottawa Canadians for the second time this season. The first time they lost by a goal on the road and this time they were unable to score. This week they’ll have four games in seven days, taking on Brockville, Whitewater in back-to-back games and then Westport. A win or a Whitewater loss can clinch them a playoff spot.


7.  Carleton Place Jr. Canadians (21-15-3) | Last week: 7 | Results: 2-1L at REN, 4-1W vs WHT | The Canadians suffered a tough loss against Renfrew on the road but bounced back with a good performance against Whitewater. Sean Ireland scored his first CCHL2 goal in his second game with the club. Hawkins (2 G) and Marshall (1 G / 1 A) each had a good performance on Saturday night.


8.  Alexandria Glens (21-16-4) | Last week: 9 | Results: 3-2W vs ARN, 5-3W at EMB | The Glens dominated Arnprior but only won by one goal and had comeback victory against Embrun. Mathieu Parent  (2 G / 1 A) and Lochlan MacDonald (1 G / 2 A) each had three-point weeks. They’ll be playing in the Wild Card series but home ice advantage has not been determined. It’s either Char-Lan or Winchester that they’ll face off in that series.


9.  Char-Lan Rebels (18-18-4) | Last week: 11 | Results: 4-3OTW at WIN, 3-1W vs CAS | This was a great week because of playoff implications. Not only winning an important game on the road against Winchester but beating the Casselman Vikings on Saturday night was huge for them. Brennan Markell (1 G / 4 A) leads his team with five points this week. The Rebels can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Winchester loss this week.


10. Renfrew Timberwolves (19-18-2) | Last week: 8 | Results: 2-1W vs CPB, 2-1L vs WPR | The Timberwolves played in low scoring affairs against top teams this week. First against Carleton Place and then Westport. They came up with one win in two games after back-to-back contests. McIntyre, Shiman and Davis were the only goal scorers in the two games. Ethan Lapenskie stood on his head by stopping 58 shots and only allowing three goals.


11. Whitewater Kings (12-18-6) | Last week: 10 | Results: 4-1L at CPB | The Kings winning streak came to an end at the hands of Carleton Place. Jake Pilon scored the only goal in that game. Coming up they have Perth on back-to-back nights then they will faceoff against Renfrew on Friday night. They’ll play three games in three days.


12. Winchester Hawks (14-20-5) | Last week: 12 | Results: 4-3OTL vs CHR | The Hawks completed the comeback against Char-Lan after they were trailing 2-0 and 3-2. They’re able to salvage a point but now their season is on the line. They’ll need to win all of their games and help from other teams to get them in the playoffs. Kuehni and Guertin each had 1 G / 1 A in the loss.


13. Athens Aeros (13-18-6) | Last week: 13 | Results: 5-4OTL vs BRO, 4-2L vs OW | The Aeros couldn’t stay out of they penalty box against Brockville, which costed them a win on Saturday. On Sunday they played a very good game against Ottawa West in the losing side. Matt Berry had 2 G / 1 A against Brockville and Owen Webster scores twice against Ottawa West. The Aeros play their final home game against Renfrew on Tuesday then end the season with a six game road trip.


14. Arnprior Packers (16-19-5) | Last week: 14 | Results: 10-3L vs WPR, 3-2L at ALX | The struggles continue for the Packers which has now put their season in jeopardy. There last win came on January 13th against Whitewater. Two more losses and a Renfrew win can put them out of the playoffs. They’re on a seven game losing streak.


15.  Embrun Panthers (12-23-6) | Last week: 15 | Results: 6-1L vs OW, 5-3L vs ALX | The Panthers have been officially eliminated out of playoff contention with their two loses last week. Marc Brosseau is having a rough season after having a breakout year in 2017-18 season. He had a great game on Sunday, collecting two goals and two assists.


16.  Richmond Royals (10-28-1) | Last Week: 16 | Results: 6-2L at OJC | This was the only game that the Royals played this week. It comes with a loss against OJC. Eric Tessier did very well until something happened at the 15 minute mark of the second period which led to Nicholas Redmond  coming into finish the game. Ethan Vaslet scored the only two goals for Richmond.