Week Six Power-Rankings

Photo: @PackerrHockey

Week Six Power-Rankings by: Mason Detre

  1. Ottawa Canadians (14-1-0) | Last week: 1 | Results: 3-1W vs EMB, 4-1L at OW | Ottawa’s 14 game winning streak came to end at the hands of Ottawa West on Thursday. They did go 1-1 after a win against Embrun.


  1. Casselman Vikings (11-3-0) | Last week: 2 | Results: 4-3W at RCH | This team had to comeback twice to finish the month with a win. The Vikings did recently trade away Jonah Peters to Perth and Shane Spencer to Winchester.


  1. Arnprior Packers (10-2-2) | Last week: 3 | Results: 4-2W vs REN, 6-5OTW at WIN, 6-3W vs PER | Big week for the Packers. They won two home games plus one on the road in OT and are the third team to ten wins.


  1. Perth Blue Wings (8-3-1) | Last week: 4 | Results: 2-0L vs CPB, 6-3L at ARN | Tough opponents for Perth this week as they took on Carleton Place and Arnprior. They remain at #4 because of their winning percentage and are still a top five team.


  1. Westport Rideaus (8-4-0) | Last week: 6 | Results: 7-2W vs CHR, 10-3 vs REN | Rideaus scored 17 goals this week to blowout Rebels and Timberwolves. They are back on track after losing three straight last week.


  1. Carleton Place Jr. Canadians (9-5-1) | Last week: 7 | Results: 2-0W at PER, 3-2OTW vs ALX | Goaltending was very good as Bennett helped lead them to close victories. They are 6-1-1 in October and will look to end it on a high note before November begins.


  1. Ottawa West Golden Knights (6-4-1) | Last week: 8 | Results: 4-1W vs OJC | It was a big victory Thursday night – snapping the 14-game winning streak from of the Canadians. It doesn’t mean they’re the best team but they are getting better. They have a total of 13 games this upcoming month. This will determine where this team will rank before the holidays begin.


  1. Brockville Tikis (5-3-1) | Last week: 9 | Results: 6-5W vs ATH | Same goes to the Tikis. They picked up a win against Athens and had their game postponed against Renfrew due to transportation issues. They’ll have 10 games this month after their Halloween game against Richmond.


  1. Char-Lan Rebels (7-5-2) | Last week: 5 | Results: 7-2L at WPR, 3-2L vs EMB | Very tough week by the Rebels. They were blown out by Westport then lost against Embrun in final three minutes in regulation.


  1. Alexandria Glens (7-6-1) | Last week: 10 | Results: 5-2W vs ATH, 3-2OTL at CPB | Got themselves a win against Athens then couldn’t hang on to a 2-0 lead against CP. They did pick up a point taking three points out of a possible four points.


  1. Renfrew Timberwolves (6-8-1) | Last week: 11 | Results: 4-2L at ARN, 10-3L at WPR | After a loss in a tight contest against Arnprior, they couldn’t contain themselves in the second period allowing seven goals in a loss against Westport.


  1. Whitewater Kings (3-6-3) | Last week: 12 | Results: None | Didn’t play this week. Their next game is after Halloween against Ottawa West.


  1. Embrun Panthers (4-10-1) | Last week: 13 | Results: 3-1L at OJC, 5-4W at RCH, 3-2W at CHR | Tough start after losing to Ottawa in a close game. They were able to win one goal games against Richmond and a good team in the Rebels.


  1. Athens Aeros (3-8-1) | Last week: 14 | Results: 6-5L at BRO, 5-2L at ALX | Things are just not going right for Athens. They’re losing ways continue against Brockville and Alexandria.


  1. Richmond Royals (2-10) | Last Week: 15 | Results: 5-4L at EMB, 4-3L vs CAS | Royals did put up a fight this week against Embrun and Casselman. They were not able to hold on a lead twice against Vikings.


  1. Winchester Hawks (2-8-2) | Last week: 16 | Results: 6-5OTL vs ARN | It was there only game this week and it resulted in putting up a fight to tie the game in regulation. It was enough to give them a point against Arnprior.