Week Three Power-Rankings

Photo Credit: Jason Code

CCHL2 Week Three Power-Rankings | By: Mason Detre

  1. Ottawa Canadians (9-0-0) | Last week: 1 | Results: 5-1W vs ATH, 9-7W at RCH | The Canadians continue to be a force in the CCHL2 after scoring 14 goals last week. Their last game wasn’t pretty but they will take it. They’re the only team to not lose in regulation or extra time.


  1. Arnprior Packers (6-1-2) | Last week: 3 | Results: 4-3SOL at BRO, 3-2W at WPR, 7-5W vs ALX | Despite the shootout loss to Brockville, they were able to win two key matchups over Westport and Alexandria. There currently on a two-game winning streak.


  1. Char-Lan Rebels (5-1-2) | Last week: 7 | Results: 6-3W at CAS, 4-2W vs RCH | The Rebels beat Casselman with three goals in the third period and completed the comeback against Richmond. They are 4-1 over their last five games.


  1. Perth Blue Wings (5-1-0) | Last week: 5 | Results: 5-3W at OW, 5-2W vs WIN | The Perth Blue Wings were clutch all week. They are currently on a five-game winning streak. Perth’s only loss of the season came against the Casselman Vikings (5-0).


  1. Casselman Vikings (5-3-0) | Last week: 2 | Results: 6-3L vs CHR, 6-1W at REN | Very tough to put the Vikings at five this week. Perth has two games in hand. They couldn’t complete the comeback on Thursday against Char-Lan after trailing for most of the game but dominated Renfrew on Friday.


  1. Westport Rideaus (4-2-0) | Last week: 4 | Results: 3-2L vs ARN, 4-1W at CPB | They put 65 shots on net against Arnprior, but it wasn’t enough to give their team the win. Westport was able to bounce back against Carleton Place despite being outshot.


  1. Ottawa West Golden Knights (2-1-1) | Last week: 6 | Results: 5-3L vs PER | Off to a pretty good start. They haven’t been able to hang onto the lead in their last two games. They’re currently 0-1-1 in their last two games.


  1. Brockville Tikis (2-2) | Last week: 13 | Results: 4-3SOW vs ARN | Brockville has looked talented so far. They were able to fight back against Arnprior down 3-1. Next week will determine where they will be in the standings.


  1. Alexandria Glens (3-4) | Last week: 10 | Results: 4-2W vs EMB, 7-5L at ARN | Alexandria picked up a big win over Embrun and against Arnprior in a high scoring affair. Glens need to stay out of the penalty box. They lead the league with 307 PIM in seven games.


  1. Carleton Place Jr. Canadians (3-5) | Last week: 8 | Results: 4-1L vs WPR | Only one game this week. Carleton Place was able to outshoot their opponent but only tallied one goal. They’ve lost two straight games after winning two straight against Brockville and Whitewater.


  1. Renfrew Timberwolves (4-5) | Last week: 9 | Results: 6-1L vs CAS, 4-3W at WHT | After a blowout loss to Casselman, they were able to break a three-game losing streak with a one goal victory.


  1. Whitewater Kings (2-4-1) | Last week: 11 | Results: 4-3L vs REN | They tied the game three times against Renfrew but couldn’t get anything going in the third. Whitewater has now lost three straight games. Their last win was against Embrun in OT on Sept 23rd.


  1. Winchester Hawks (2-5) | Last week: 16 | Results: 5-2L at PER, 6-3W at ATH | After a tough game against Perth, Winchester put 43 shots against Athens and were able to score four unanswered goals. It’s the first time that they scored more than three goals this season.


  1. Athens Aeros (3-5-1) | Last week: 12 | Results: 5-1L at OJC, 6-3L vs WIN | Goaltending and defense hasn’t been strong. They allowed 11 goals this week and only scored four goals. Next week doesn’t look easy as they face Perth and Renfrew.


  1. Embrun Panthers (1-5-1) | Last Week: 15 | Results: 4-2L at ALX | Embrun have outshot their opponents in six of seven games. Embrun plays three times this week and have an opportunity to catch up in the standings.


  1. Richmond Royals (1-5) | Last week: 14 | Results: 4-2L at CHR, 9-7L vs OJC| Royals couldn’t hang on to a lead Saturday and attempted two comebacks in a row, (4-1 and 8-4). They end the week on a tough note.